Community Outreach Scheduled for the Residents of Berkeley Township, NJ.

The Flood Risk Evaluator Team is hosting a community outreach event sponsored by Berkeley Township on Thursday, October 13th 2016 from 6:30pm-9:30pm at 627 Pinewald Keswick Road, Bayville, New Jersey 08721. This event is free to all members of the community who would like to review their property and insurance information with a Licensed Floodplain Management Professional, in order to receive a cost saving analysis on a case-by-case basis.

FRE's goal is to ensure that all policyholders in floodplains receive the lowest flood insurance premium possible, while also verifying they are in compliance with FEMA and NFIP regulations. A big misconception is that all NFIP insurance is the same and there is nothing you can do too lower your current rate. This is false; there is a multitude of ways to lower it. Whether that is proper mitigation, your current agent misrating you, or being eligible for private flood insurance we will make sure to point this out to you.

To receive your individual review, be sure to bring a copy of your property's Elevation Certificate and your Current Flood Insurance Declaration Page (if available).

To reserve a spot today, visit:, or call (866) 599-7065.

Source: The Flood Risk Evaluator (FRE)